Success Stories & News

We are proud of our track record of success as police compensation solicitors, which has helped us to become one of the leading firms in the UK for dealing with legal actions against the police. We have helped numerous people obtain the justice – and the compensation – they deserve after being let down by our police service, and you can read all about some of those cases in this section. These include:

This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the claims we have handled as police compensation solicitors, but it will give you a flavour of the type of case we deal with and the outcomes that can be achieved when you have expert lawyers on your side.

Most of the cases featured here were funded on a No Win, No Fee basis. This method of funding is very popular with our clients as it is low risk and does not require you pay any money to get the case off the ground.

All these success stories started with a phone call or an email to our free legal helpline, so if you would like to follow in their footsteps then you can begin by contacting the specialist police compensation solicitors on freephone 0333 888 0419 or by email at [email protected]