Sexual Assault by the Police

Allegations of sexual assault by the police have risen significantly in recent years.

We are dealing with a number of compensation claims that are being made both by members of the public and other serving police officers.
According to an investigation carried out in conjunction with Channel 5, police officers are being accused of rape at an alarming rate of one a week.

Precise statistics have not been published but over the past five years over 300 police officers have been reported for rape and 500 for sexual assault.

Sarah Everard’s murder by serving Met police officer Wayne Couzens has focused attention on the problem and has in particular highlighted the consequences of inaction by police forces when reports of misconduct are raised.

Unfortunately serious cases of sexual abuse and sexual assault by the police continue to hit the headlines, including this case involving a former police officer who was sent to prison for a minimum of 12 years for child sexual abuse.

Our lawyers specialise in sexual assault and sexual abuse law and we have a whole website dedicated to abuse compensation claims which contains a huge amount of useful information. Go to and check out the case studies section detailing all the claims we have successfully pursued in which we have recovered substantial sums of compensation for our clients.

We are able to fund compensation claims for sexual assault by the police on a No Win, No Fee basis and are always happy to carry out a preliminary case assessment completely free of charge.

In addition to dealing with claims for physical assault, we also undertake cases involving stalking and harassment by police officers. You can read HERE about a case in which we recovered £17,000 for a woman who was stalked by a male police officer.

Find out where you stand on claiming compensation for sexual assault by the police contact our free legal helpline on freephone 0333 888 0419 or email us at [email protected]

Sexual Assault by the Police