Injuries Arising From Use of Excessive Force by The Police

When the police are exercising their powers, they are permitted to use force, but the force used must be reasonable and proportionate.
Such force can also be used by the police to defend themselves ie in self-defence.

Determining whether the force used was reasonable is often highly contentious It will usually turn on whether it was the minimum required in the circumstances and whether any lesser alternative was available.

Reasonableness is based on what is known to the officer at the time. The law also takes into account the fact that quick decisions have to be made in stressful situations.

The focus is on the reasonableness of the act itself rather that the consequences of the act, though a person’s specific vulnerability may be taken into account.

Because ‘excessive force’ is a subjective concept (with police officers able to claim that the force they used was appropriate for the circumstances) it is important to ensure that you have as much independent evidence as possible to support your claim.

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