Handcuff Injury Claims

We are experienced in dealing with handcuff injury claims and have won a number of notable cases.

You can read here about a handcuff injury claim our team successfully made after our client suffered severe handcuff injuries after arrest and did not receive the emergency medical treatment he required. The police defended the claim, but after hearing the testimony of seven police officers at trial the judge found in our client’s favour and awarded him compensation.

While the police are entitled to use handcuffs during the course of an arrest, but their use must be reasonable and proportionate.
Care must be taken by the police when using handcuffs to avoid injuring the persona being arrested.

In particular care must be taken to ensure that the handcuffs are not too tight, and the police should listen to any concerns raised by the arrested person about their physical wellbeing.

However, making a handcuff injury claim is not straightforward and it pays to use solicitors who are experienced in this area of law. And because of our track record of success, we are able to fund these cases on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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